Monday, September 27, 2010

Melancholy State

Due to yet another online "discussion" regarding creationism vs evolution. One of the posters, "sheep1", seems like someone who might be able to learn evolution, but due to long experience, I doubt he or she would bother taking the time, so I hesitate to waste the time.

Melancholy State

Pensive thoughts oft come to mind,
when see I dialogues of this kind.
It tears me up that some don't see,
The beauty: How we came to be!

The chemistry is hard, 'tis true,
what evolution plainly do:
the evidence that's in the rocks,
our genes, our skulls, and even locks!
The birds doth show similarity
with dinosaurs! Oh my, Oh me!
And who'd have thought that whales would stride,
on ancient lands so near to tide,
that they would one day swim full time,
to eat on fish and shrimp in brine!

This beauty, how we came to be,
it tears me up that some don't see!
For dialogues oft of this kind,
Yield pensive thoughts: My sad, sad mind.


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